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Color Me Creative -Crown

Color Me Creative -Crown

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Color, Paint and Decorate... Then Play!

Intended to be used with the crafting materials you already have, encourage your child’s colorfully creative side, then enjoy using these fun and durable play tools! Markers, crayons, paint, glue, sequence, ribbon and more will work well on these wooden products.

Our Color Me Creative Collection includes a variety of toys, including these fun, flexible and adjustable Crowns. Let your child's imagination run away with them as they play - are they a fairy, a king, a princess? Encourage them to personalize their crown with a special design, ribbon, gems and more to make it all their own! Works well with the Sash and Belt sets, as well as our Swords and Wands

Crown measures approximately 24x5x.25 inches and are made from 100% 2-ply wood veneer (multiple wood species in each wholesale set!).

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