Custom Work

Four in a row Custom games

Doles Orchard Box Shop designs and builds boxes, signs, totes, displays, exclusive product designs and  more for various companies around the country. Is your business ready for retail and marketing products that are unique, classy AND useful? Bring us your ideas and watch them come to life!


We have stock box styles available, but welcome your own unique ideas or specific needs so we can design a look just for you! Our work shop is not limited to boxes either: signs, trays, crates, tasting flights, coasters and so much more!

Wood Options

We often choose to work with poplar wood for its clear grain, fine color and affordability. However, we can accommodate your choice of wood, stain, fine sanding, or rustic appearance.

Finishing touches

To add the finishing touch, we can laser engrave your business logo or artwork onto your custom design to complete the final product! Find out more about lasering here!

Laser Engraving and Cutting

Customizing products from our wood shop with a unique business name or logo was important to us. Doing that efficiently was even more important if we wanted to compete with larger production companies. We originally started with a simple stencil, but the quality left something to be desired. We have used electric brands to burn the wood, but they are too expensive for smaller companies with smaller orders. After much research and debate, we determined that it was necessary to purchase a laser machine in order to expand our business and meet the needs of our customers.


Our laser machine allows us to quickly burn any image onto wood. It will, more slowly, engrave wood, giving an image depth and texture. Or we can cut out shapes and designs for various purposes.


Engrave glassware. This is permanent and will not wash away like screen printing, and is more cost effective than sand blasting.

Anodized Aluminum

You know, those colored aluminum water bottles and coffee carafes and flasks? Etch away the color and your logo stands out in the shiny, rust-proof aluminum underneath.


We etch beautiful coasters, cheese plates, signs and even bar games onto slate from right here in New England.


Leather can also be cut and engraved. Add your logo, artwork or design of your choice to any leather product to make it uniquely your own, without the added cost of making a die.